My presentations and publications


Beckley, F., Best, W., Johnson, F., Edwards, S., Maxim, J., & Beeke, S. (2013). Conversation therapy for agrammatism: exploring the therapeutic process of engagement and learning by a person with aphasia. International journal of language & communication disorders / Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists, 48(2), 220–39. 

Beeke, S., Sirman, N., Beckley, F., Maxim, J., Edwards, S., Swinburn, K., & Best, W. (2013). Better Conversations with Aphasia: an e-learning resource. UCLeXtend.

Beeke, S., Beckley, F., Johnson, F., Heilemann, C., Edwards, S., Maxim, J., & Best, W. (2014). Conversation focused aphasia therapy: Investigating the adoption of strategies by people with agrammatism. Aphasiology, 1–23. doi:10.1080/02687038.2014.881459

Beeke, S., Beckley, F., Best, W., Johnson, F., Edwards, S., & Maxim, J. (2013). Extended turn construction and test question sequences in the conversations of three speakers with agrammatic aphasia. Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, 1–21. doi:10.3109/02699206.2013.808267

Beeke, S., Maxim, J., Best, W., & Cooper, F. (2011). Redesigning therapy for agrammatism: Initial findings from the ongoing evaluation of a conversation-based intervention study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 24(2), 222–236.


Atypical Interaction Conference June 2013

Consensus Agreement about current SLT Practice

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